The Heart of Education is Educating the Heart

Atmiya School, located in Rajkot. Founded in 1999, by His Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji, the school is spread in a lush green 23.5 acres campus, with hundreds of Neem trees. This makes the school environment serene and peaceful, which the student community at ASVM relishes.

While an excellent education is essential, in the long term, quality of life is driven by one’s inner self for which a strong foundation of culture and morality is also very important. The school puts much emphasis on the moral and spiritual development of the students as it does for academic excellence. The motto of the school is Union of Body, Mind and Soul. The teachers and staff of the school strive to help students achieve this ideal state.

To emphasize the importance of our rich heritage and diversity, the school’s annual calendar is full of cultural events, celebration of festivals and the creative assemblies through which specific values and qualities are demonstrated using the medium of dance, drama and music, performed by students with guidance from their teachers.