Blessings from the President

Blessings from the President

The School in itself takes pride not only in fostering the academic excellence but also undertaking the physical, mental and spiritual care of your child so as to broaden one outlook and make the child useful to the society and nation at large as well as a beloved child of the Almighty. We firmly believe that education should be for life, not just for a living. The core value of this school is not on cultivating the child for the purpose of a livelihood but for the life itself. At this school the child will learn about cultures, customs and religions of other people in order to appreciate the universal oneness through a Stimulating value based learning experience. I hope to have an opportunity to welcome you and your child at a place where a child will learn grow with divinity.

H.D.H. Sadhu Hariprasad dasji
YDS inspired Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj,