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The Sarvoday Kelavani Samaj managed Atmiya Group of Institutions (AGI) – Yogidham Gurukul spread over 23.5 acres of land that houses educational facilities ranging from Kindergarten to PG & Research is nourished by Pujya Tyagvallabh Swamiji and led by an Experienced Academician as a Principal.

The synthesis of religion & science, spirituality & technology is a feature of Yogidham Gurukul that sets it apart, as an ‘organization with a difference’, and as an ‘organization that makes a difference’.

Shri Atmiya Shishu Vidya Mandir (ASVM) – A CBSE affiliated Co-educational School is one of the institutions of AGI. The School strives to imbibe the very best in educational practices, powered & propelled by a philosophy of imparting knowledge that is eclectic yet truly modern.

At Atmiya, we believe it is the comprehensive approach and holistic upbringing of children that shall help them live life in its true sense and mark their place in the world as compassionate, cultured, lifelong learners and responsible adults.



Schooling at Primary level initiates children to build upon their existing knowledge and enthusiasm for continued learning. As they progress through this stage we witness in action their exploratory spirit and quest for knowledge, motivated by the endeavour for learning and building up the foundation that they have imbibed from their acquired skills. At this level, the emphasis is on the learning and understanding of concepts through a curriculum that is designed to meet its attributes and vision which is engaging and relevant, yet challenging. The Primary curriculum reflects these changing needs of young learners and is designed to be age appropriate and progressive in nature. The various activities in sports, dance , music and art offered enable children to explore their multiple talents.



Senior School marks the beginning of a journey for a child towards self identity. As 11-12 years old the children are no longer in need of instructions and care.  Rather they require conducive environs to blossom and develop into a complete personality.

At senior school, we as educators are entrusted with the humongous task of shaping a child’s personality – emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually as well as socially. By this age the child’s cognitive development has already started in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning, and other aspects. The right guidance at this age determines his / her personality for the rest of life.  Therefore the role of school in grade 6-10 is more of a facilitator and collaborator by imparting education through stimulating tasks, projects, assignments, trainings and hands on experience. Innovation and disruption is the key features of classroom learning along with focus on skill development. Each and every child is given an opportunity to hone his / her skills in sports / Dance & Music / Performing Arts.


ATMIYA Group of Institution Where the children are received with reverence educated with love & prepared to go child is given the opportunity to enjoy his childhood.

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Address: Kalawad Road Kalawad Road
Nana Mava Maruti Nagar,
Yogidham, Gurukal,
Rajkot, Gujarat 360005

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